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SOLD ITEM : John Thompsons Modern Course For The Piano

John Thompsons Modern Course For The Piano
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sold for £4.00
on 14 Jun 2008
Advertise your used musical instruments or second-hand printed music on this website to a focussed musical community. Used Instruments and music books advertised on this site regularly appear on the first page of major search engines (such as Google and Yahoo!) - increasing your chances of successfully selling your musical items to a waiting buyer. The TAF Music website is an efficient and cost-effective way to pass your unused instruments and books on to another generation of musicians.

The TAF Music website is built and managed by musicians for musicians. We built this site as we started scouring the country for instruments as our own children progressed from beginner recorder players to accomplished musicians with county and national orchestras and wind bands. We wanted to pass on the used instruments we had accumulated and provide a simple opportunity for others to do the same.

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  • Low cost music-related advertising - from as little as £1.50 to advertise a musical instrument and £1.00 for printed music. To check our prices, you may wish to view the advertisment price guide [Opens popup window].
  • Advertisements will be displayed until the item is sold (up to a maximum of 1 year).
  • Up to 4 free photos with your musical instrument advertisement and 1 free photo for printed music.
  • Easy to use administration system to manage your advertisements, messages and personal details.
  • Integration with your own PayPal account (optional) so a buyer can make an instant payment directly to you for an item.
  • The cost of placing an ad is all you pay to TAF Music. No commission is charged when items are sold.
  • Your privacy is protected - no seller information is displayed on advertisements. The built-in messaging system handles all initial enquiries.
  • Registration is quick, simple and only needs to be completed once, before placing your first advertisement.We only collect basic details during the registration process which are used as follows:
    • To allow you to post and modify advertisements
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    • All data is collected in line with our privacy policy.