Ade Onayiga

Teacher of acoustic guitar, keyboard

I am an experienced guitarist/producer based in Ealing, west London. I am available for teaching beginner/intermediate level students. I play regularly at a number of London bars and restaurants, and do some online session recording work. I run a home-based project recording studio where I teach guitar and produce EPs. Starting off with an introduction to the major scale, triads, and open chords, I teach popular guitar styles tailored to one's individual style. I teach relaxation techniques to prevent tension from building up, and I'm confident that potential students will thoroughly enjoy the lessons, leading to a fulfilling journey to realise their musical potential. I am a friendly, helpful, and easy-going person. My tuition rate is very reasonable. The acoustic guitar is a great way to learn guitar on, and is universally acknowledged as the best grounding before moving on to the electric guitar. Once one learns how to control the dynamics of playing acoustic guitar, one becomes a much more dynamic player on the electric guitar. Thanks for reading this, and please contact me with any enquiries you may have.

Ealing , London

Phone No:
07946 278035